Pechez Sepehri

Pechez was born in San Diego Ca. but raised in the Pacific Northwest with family in Oregon and Idaho where the wildlife and western Country lifestyle had an impact on her artwork. As a kid she drew on everything from wood to hollow out eggshells. In High School, thanks to her art professor Mrs. Parks she got an Art scholarship to B.S.U. in Idaho. As an adult she moved back to California and had the opportunity to travel throughout the U.S. and overseas and paint for private collectors. Painting mostly in oil paint she also has works in watercolor and Acrylic. Some of her works include wildlife, such as the American Buffalo Bull that is on Permanent display at the Oregon Trail Interpretive center at Three Island State Park in Idaho. Her works have been published in the Inland Empire Magazine, Voted artist of the year in 2020 in Arts & Poetry Magazine, and Published in the SASSE Museum catalogs.  Her paintings have been exhibited in International exhibitions, galleries and museums.  Two of her pieces, Tatianna and her Chicks & Rodeo Clown were accepted into Ontario Museum of History and Art Biannual exhibition in 2021, where Tatianna and her Chicks was honored a first place. Today Pechez lives in the Inland Empire and part time in Idaho.

Artist Statement:

  As an Artist I was extremely Honored Just to be accepted into the Ontario Museums Biannual Artist Exhibition and winning first place honor was jubilant. I have created art in one way or another all my life, as a child drawing pencil sketches for my Grandmother, to painting large canvases for family and friends. I still start most of my works with a sketch in my book first.  I love working with oil paints, the flexibility of using it from glazing styles, Ala prima (wet on wet) or Pallet knife styles gives you a lot of options.  I draw Inspiration from a variety of subjects such as my kids and the lifestyle of the small town I grew up in. Here in California you can still find that western lifestyle in pockets around Southern California. My PMS series of painting are based on that modern western style but through my eyes it is more women keeping horses now. Recently I have drawn inspiration from my koi pond, the years of scuba diving and travel with my husband, and the next generation of children in my life. My hope is when you see my work it makes you smile.