Guidelines and Procedures

This is a juried Art Show. As is customary in juried shows, the Jury Select Committee may decline the acceptance of an image based on their sole and final decision. Usually, art is accepted and only not accepted when the Select Committee feels the art subject is not appropriate for a general audience and may offend the sensibility of the public.

Participants who do not have the correct membership status or payments in by the deadline will be juried out and have their entries removed from the Art Show. Refunds for entry fees are not honored if the artwork is juried out.


  • The artwork must be the sole work of the maker and not done under the direction of another artist or instructor.
  • The artwork may not be a copy of copyrighted work such as calendars, publications, or other found art on the internet.
  • Artworks may not have been entered in any previous AAIE Art Show.
  • There is no restriction on the age of the maker. However, all art is judged in one category and there are no age or experience sections.
  • There is no limitation of an art piece regarding its completion date.
  • The subject must be acceptable to a general public audience and not offend the sensibility of the public.
  • Digital art is acceptable but it cannot be made solely with Artificial Intelligence Software.
  • All fine art categories are acceptable: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel/Drawing, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Photography, and Miscellaneous. Contact the Art Director for a complete description.
  • All artwork must have a title that is descriptive or relates to the artwork. The use of “untitled” is not acceptable.

Display of Winning Art Work

All winning artwork will be part of a slide show shown at an AAIE General Meeting and posted on our public AAIE Website. Also, winning images will receive recognition in our AAIE Newsletter. Every effort is being made to provide a public venue to display the winning images.

The Following guidelines are only if a public venue is available: Art work not meeting these guidelines may still be entered in the art show. However, only artwork following the following guidelines will be part of a public display if a venue is available.

  • Sculpture and 3D artwork may be displayed if there is suitable space.
  • All artwork must be less than 48” in any direction. Large pieces will be displayed only if there is available space.
  • Sculpture and all artwork must be easily carried by one person. Pedestals are not allowed.
  • There are no restrictions regarding glass for framed pieces, but safety in handling should be considered when displaying art. It is recommended that makers with framed
    artworks larger than 20”x24” use plexiglass or similar shatterproof products.
  • Framed artwork should be ready to hang and use wire and D rings. The use of sawtooth hangers are not allowed.
  • All displayed artwork will rely on the information entered in the Art Show Software. The Art Committee will not be responsible for any misspellings. If the maker finds an error,
    they should bring it to the attention of the art Committee to see if the errors can be
  • The Select Committee may jury out displayed artwork if they feel the artwork’s presentation does not represent a high standard needed for public display.
  • Neither the Associated Artists of the Inland Empire nor any of its agents will be held responsible for theft or damage of any sort to work submitted to the Show. Any of the above rules may be changed at the discretion of the Art Show Committee. Submitting an entry to this show shall imply an agreement on the part of the entrant to the above.

How to take a picture of your art with your cell phone

Here are several YouTube links that focus on cell phone Photography

The Chaffey Community Museum of Art has a good blog post and video on this.

Phone Photos

How to transfer photos to your Computer

  • You can use a USB cable to transfer all your pictures from your phone to the computer. This is the easiest and fastest way. Plus you won’t drain the phone’s battery in the process.
  • There are several phone apps that aid this transfer.
  • If all fails, you can send your photos through your email to yourself and use Attach to attach the photo to the email using the Large size. Then simply drag the photo from the email to a folder on the desktop of your computer.

If you are having problems transferring your cell phone image for entry, please contact Nancy Speaker for assistance at aaieartshow22@gmail and state your problem in your email and your name and telephone number. She will try to contact you within 24 hours.